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Well hello campers. It's been a while since my last journal entry. Wow.. I'm trying to remember back to last Thursday. At work I was preparing for my trip to London on the Friday to sort out a retailer for work.. in the evening I was supposed to be clearing out my harddrives in preparation for the BadgerLAN that weekend but I couldn't be arsed. That week I had basically not had very much sleep and I was generally tired and stressed as far as I can work out.

Friday I went up to London on the train and sorted out all their problems.. got back home at 3:30 so that was good :) People had already started turning up for the LAN.. I think we had about 18 people in all. Stayed up until 6am on Saturday morning on mostly red bull I think.. lost badly at games like Quake 3, Medal of Honour, Counterstrike, Serious Sam 2, etc :)

Managed about 4 hours sleep until 10am, did much the same again until finally just after a great hail of a greeting (sic) kissycat1000 finally showed up ;) I wasn't sure when or even IF she was going to show, but I'm glad she did :) We had a great time.. she got a little overwhelmed with all the geeks in the house but we stayed up for some poker late at night, finally deciding to hit the hay at 4:30 in the morning after the red bull just wouldn't cut it any more... the poker was great fun though - a great chance to be sociable and the company was great - we had a good laugh :)

Ah well she finally got to meet Ric, my work colleage who I spend most of my time winding up when I'm over at Orange ;) They got on well so that was nice.

Went for some breakfast in the morning with Enzo or whatever he prefers to call himself nowadays - a stonking idea considering the lack of proper food intake at one of these events :)

Now just spending my time sorting out the stuff I 'acquired' at the LAN and starving slowly to death (er not quite.. still a way to go before I'm in any danger of that lol)

Well I'm certainly in much better spirits than last week.. the only thing that got me down a bit was that the letter from the insurance company about my bike finally arrived.. but on the Saturday of the LAN! Damnit! Why couldn't it arrive another day? Ah well. They have offered me just 1600, compared to the bike's worth of 2000. This is before the 300 excess is applied. I will now have to write back to them and ask them how they arrived at that decision and quite how a 10 year old bike, in immaculate condition, suddenly lost a quarter of it's value in just two months?!

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