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After several painful experiences with 'traditional' firelighters, and as this was the OMGWTFBBQ party, I decided to try the quicker approach - a good slug of parasene (this was actually after it had died down considerably):

Photo courtesy of rik

The BBQ was lit, with the added bonus of sanitising the grills! But I only lit the lumpwood charcoal, and putting on the briquettes slowed the thing right down, so it still took about 20 minutes to get to cooking temperature. Next time, both lots of coal, and perhaps slightly less parasene.. ;)

The party was a good one. We decided to rearrange the furniture about an hour into the party; this was considered a success. Next time I won't have quite so much furniture and hence no longer have to rearrange furniture :)

Here is a photo of a birthday boy and girls, surrounded by lots of cute girls:

kissycat1000 decided birthday girl sepheri's cleavage was the best place for her wine, and then helped her with cleaning up afterwards:

Just for an interesting size comparison: the tallest and (some of the) shortest people at the party:

I think I'm just about recovered now. My house was cleaned before and after; it's cleaner than it has been for months! Thanks Phill and gashinryu :)

Let me know where your pictures are and I'll link to them here:
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