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  • I've not managed to get an early night since returning from holiday - mostly my own fault, including me in sociable shocker on Wednesday evening (thanks guys, it was great). But I've been tired and unable to concentrate at work.
  • Yesterday kissycat1000 took me into Gloucester and I had an eye test and got new glasses, put the leftover holiday money into the bank and posted my electoral role form. At least work pay for the majority of the glasses, which is good.
  • Yesterday evening, although I really didn't feel like it, I weeded the garden, did a modicum of tidying up indoors, and informed both neighbours about the party on Saturday. The neighbours on one side have been moaning about me, basically. The other side aren't fussed. It's stressful, though.
  • Later on I rebooted my server which had died again. When I powered the server off, a strange noise happened. I powered the server on, and realised it was the laptop hard drive that was making the noise. The bearings had gone - not surprising for 24/7 use of a laptop drive, and the system was refusing to boot. Worse, the backup strategy left out some important things. Just as well I'd ordered a new 320GB 24/7 drive earlier in the day (I was going to use a CF card and IDE adaptor, but the cost for the 8GB I really wanted [rather than 4] was prohibitive, plus the extra space, speed and reliability of a drive - even taking into account the extra power consumption - won me over. It will cost me about 15 quid a year extra to run the drive *shrug*). So on getting round to kissycat1000's, I stuck the drive in the freezer and set about clearing space on my laptop in preparation for a rescue mission. After an amount of stress I managed to get everything important off it, but then kissycat1000's wireless was on the fritz. I was not having a good day. Toys <- pram. Another late night re-flashing the wireless router. Wireless not fixed (presumed cooked in the cupboard), replaced with old non-wireless router.
  • Oh, and I don't have any more breakfast for this morning, and I need to go shopping this evening and finish tidying up my house, which I have been in for over 2.5 years and have only managed to mostly finish one room with a lot of help.
The upshot of all this is: No wireless at kissycat1000's house, no server at mine until Tuesday evening at the earliest: I have no inky email. Anyone who replied to a comment in the last two days, could you respond to me here?
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