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The leaving do

It was cavu's leaving do last night. Strangely enough despite multiple protestations cavu somehow ended up being the designated driver for the evening. After being picked up along with Sam and Trudi, we met up in a pub in Clifton. Jeremy was already there; Mark and Nick came along shortly afterwards. It was a beer-fuelled evening. I think I had about three and a half pints in the pub before we walked (read: staggered) to the Indian. Then the fun really started - we had wine.. ooh.. I think I must have drunk a bottle in all! I did have a bit of a headache this morning but more water seemed to sort it out (thankfully for me).

The meal was great fun - just the six of us: me, cavu, Nick, Sam, Trudi and Jeremy. Supremely stuffed by the end of it of course. On the way out I was allowed to start Jeremy's Ducatti 966... oh boy! The NOISE that thing makes is almost orgasmic! And I revved it a little.. sheesh! It was SO lush :) Mmmmmm... I must get myself a bike again :) And soon :)

Tonight I go to meet kissycat1000. I probably ought to do some swimming to work off the vast quantities of food and drink I have consumed recently. Feeling a bit lazy though, so we'll see.

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