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So, very generally, the situation is this:
  • The media sensationalises terrorism
  • Nearly all of the people I know who have expressed an opinion on the recent debacle have been stoically against the idea of making changes to our everyday lives to account for the threat of terrorism
Now, while I certainly agree that making changes to our everyday lives to account for terrorism gives them power and causes us harm, both in mindset and economically, I have to say that there are a few things I wish to highlight:
  1. It is easy for people who are not directly at risk from terrorism to 'stand up' to it (personal responsibility anyone?)
  2. One of the major things people have used to justify ignoring the threat of terrorism has been to look at the statistics for the number of people killed by other events such as car accidents or lightning strikes, against the losses suffered by acts of terrorism.
It is this last point I wish to address: I don't believe that numbers of fatalities from accidental or freak occurrances is in any way comparable to numbers of purposeful murders committed for ideological, political or religious reasons.

People take care to not cause accidental deaths through driving safely, wearing their seatbelt, etc. People take care not to get struck by lightning by not going to play golf on a bare hill in a storm. So why shouldn't people take care not to get blown up by terrorists?

Speaking as someone who is going to board a plane the week after the suggested date of the possible attack, I am glad they are taking extra security precautions. Clearly there will be severe disruption as a system that is already running at its limits is forced to cope with extra delays and inconvenience people somewhat, but I'd rather that than run the increased risk of losing my life meaninglessly to a terrorist attack. It's not as if the airport is being closed.

I'm all for not letting terrorists affect our way of life, but I'm also all for taking sensible precautions, and having the security forces take sensible precautions to ensure our safety given the intelligence they claim to have. In this instance I support the actions of our government and security forces.

One thing I should point out is that the only action that is being taken against this threat is to increase the security that is already present. It's unfortunate that it causes knock-on effects because of how tightly the system is already run. We already live in a world where people want to do bad things to people, and we already accept the whole industry built and maintained by our government to try and ensure they don't achieve their aims.

If however they try to use this to justify ID cards and other losses of freedom I will almost certainly stand against that.
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