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  • When kissycat1000 sold her car, the buyer was keen to take the car away immediately. After establishing the buyer and I shared the same bank (thereby enabling instant-transfer), I brought my wireless laptop outside and allowed her to conduct the transaction (for a substantial sum of money) whilst sat in the back of the boot. With no wires. This, although obvious when you think about it, blew my mind somewhat at the time.
  • Today, while sat at work, kissycat1000 proceeded to relate to me the story of how J was systematically destroying my house with wee, shampoo and filler. ARGhkjashdfkjskhfsdf
  • Tonight, I managed to hook up the tape drive I have to my computer, and get software to back beast up with (first version I tried had a limit at 1,000GB! New version doesn't *grin*)
  • I need to buy things from eBay: a new front brake disc for my bike (and a headlight), and about 24 DLT tapes.
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