Azekeil (azekeil) wrote,

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Fun :)

Last night cavu came round and we started his Anglicisation :) We watched Eddie Izzard, Mr. Bean, Blackadder and Fawlty Towers. He also found eating eggy bread (french toast) with tomato ketchup very odd.. apparently normally Americans have maple syrup on it!

We will have to get him to watch a few other classics, some carry on films and perhaps some soaps (god I'm going to hate that). Anyway, it's his leaving do tonight so that should be fun :)

kissycat1000 came over for lunch. We went and played pool for a bit first which was a laugh, then cavu met us and after thoroughly beating him at pool we went off to the pub I'd told kissycat1000 about and we had HUGE but delicious meals :)

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