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I just had an altercation with my immediate neighbours - the BBQ I was having vs. their washing. I have to admit I didn't check or let them know before I started it, but I was fairly sure there wasn't any washing out when we started. What alerted me to this infraction was angry shouting from her to get someone to help her in with her washing because of the smoke from next door. Which did somewhat put a dampner on things.

I've lived next door to someone in rented accommodation where we really didn't get on and it was horrible - not feeling comfortable in your own home. It's a feeling I really disliked, and I really don't want to feel like it here, not with my bought house that I'm putting so much effort into to be nice.

Anyway, I agreed with samoth's suggestion to speak to them later when they had calmed down and apologise for the incident, which I've now done. She explained that around here people let each other know when they're going to be having a BBQ or burning stuff. I should make sure I follow this - it just makes sense. I used to let them know when I was having parties, but I kind of lapsed out of that - perhaps I should go back to that as well. Just show a bit more damn consideration instead of living in your little bubble. Can you tell I feel bad about it?

Still, guess it's just one of those things.

I did go back and ask her what her birds were that had sprung up in the little aviary that had appeared in the garden: They're finches, and the ground birds are quails, which are laying eggs. She started with just two finches in the kitchen but they multiplied somewhat...

In other news, the quad-biking was lots of fun, and there's talk about setting up a 'fun-fund' with a bunch of people to get a quad-bike and an old CBR600RR for track days and other such expensive toys :) Although personally I think it might work better if people all work towards buying one toy so that there's clear delineation of ownership - thoughts?

In other, other news the party last night and the first part of the BBQ this morning were really enjoyable - thanks everyone :)

In other, other, other news, I finally set up dylan's Meridian CD player, and it sounds really good - even just on the floor. Thanks mate :)

In other ot[...] news, I also managed to unblock my drains with a kit from B&Q, so no more nasty niffs. Hopefully that will cheer my neighbours up a bit as they were moaning about that as well, although can't say I blame them.

And finally, I happened to mention in passing to a colleague that I was looking for a spare DLT tape to test a DLT 7000 drive that dylan had acquired for me, only to have another colleague leave a DLT 8000 drive on my desk, complete with tape and terminator! Win! Now I just need the right cable / SCSI card...
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