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Didn't mean to worry people:

Sorry all - didn't realise you might not have read kissycat1000's post where my accident was discussed.. basically I smashed a glass into the side of a counter-top while trying to catch it as it was falling. A large piece of glass was driven between my middle and index fingers on my left hand. It was quite deep as these things go; I think that contributed to the shock that soon set in after that. Thankfully the first aiders at work were fantastic and looked after me. They took me to casualty just to check there were no glass fragments in the wound. Can you believe they x-ray'd my hand to check? I was dubious about the technique at the time, but it seems x-rays are at least partially blocked by glass.

Anyway, I've spent this evening performing the appropriate rituals over some PC bits and bobs I ordered. I must have sacrificed the right amount of blood, too (as my left index finger, a different wound, goes to show) - all of the jobs went more smoothly than I was expecting. T's PC from her house had blown up it's power supply. I swapped the power supply and everything else was alright - winner! I hacked the old power supply's fan out to put in her PC to give it some extra cooling - essential in this hot weather.

Then I ripped out the bits of my current desktop machine and transplanted them along with the bits from T's PC at my house into a wideboy case (it's a midi tower where instead of the PSU being at the top of the case, it's at the side, sitting above the CPU socket). This also went well. I switched the PC on, got all the connections right first time. I had to use a Windows CD to repair the installation to get it to boot, and I will have to install the right drivers for the soundcard etc, but otherwise that PC is now working and somewhat upgraded (her old PC was flaking out previously because of the heat).

Finally I put together the new bits I'd been saving in the new case I bought and I now have my new shiny desktop machine. Not only did I get all the connections right first time, but I didn't even have to repair the installation - it just booted and detected a whole load of stuff. Win!

Now I think it's time for bed. Hopefully I'll sleep well with the window closed (no sudden noises early in the morning to wake me up) and the new phallus fan blowing over me gently all night (ooer!).

Looking forward to quad-biking or whatever it's called tomorrow :)
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