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I appear to have bought a few things recently. A remote-controlled tower fan, which kissycat1000 lovingly refers to as my phallus, a couple of USB-powered laptop fans for myself and ev1ldonut (which have yet to arrive), and now a new processor, case and fan to go with my new motherboard, some network cable to replace T's damaged cable, memory to go in my old PC to replace T's computer at my place, and finally a radio controlled keyboard (with touchpad) to replace the broken one that controls my media PC downstairs.

I think that should about do me this month, except I also want to do some eBaying to sort out the wide-SCSI tape drive that dylan has given me - I need the correct cable / converter to hook it up to my narrow-SCSI card and a blank tape to test it all works. Then I need to order another 30-something tapes to back up the contents of beast, before I can rebuild it with larger harddrives...
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