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Dylanstock 2006: A fun way to spend a couple of days :)

Well I kind of just splurged the photos up there yesterday, due to exhaustion. I wanted to highlight some of the best pictures and tell the story behind some of them :)

(Click pictures for full size images)

This was the first idea that I had; I did want to focus on each face in turn with a shallow depth of field, but struggled with my camera (yes yes, a bad workman and all that). Also, annoyingly, there is camera shake which I didn't notice on this until I uploaded the photo to the laptop. Note to self: use a tripod wherever possible!

dylan had this glass ball ornament so I got izzy_stradlin to play with it. I was quite pleased with the strong lighting beaching out the wall giving the photo an intense heat/desert look, further enhanced by izzy_stradlin's goggles.

A second photo of izzy_stradlin; this time hair free. I particularly like her striking eyes through the hair..

I like the harsh lighting on this one; I think it helps highlight the look of goetia's hair and facial structure. I was going to play some more with this sort of thing on day 2 (photos to come) but tiredness sapped my memory somewhat.

dylan and his 'big' camera ;)

I wanted goetia to be holding a couple of coils of braided leather whip just in shot of this photo.. and perhaps be wearing something other than jeans ;)

darkjewelz peering out of the window.

I have some shots that I ended up redoing on day 2 because the first two were not quite good enough; I'll put these up with the day 2 shots when I get round to it, hopefully this evening.

Thanks very much to dylan for free reign in his house and use of his photographic equipment (the studio light increased possibilities tremendously, and stupidly I'd forgotten to bring my tripod) :)

Hope you've enjoyed seeing these as much as we had fun making them :)
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