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Dylanstock 2006 - arrangements

This is probably only of interest to those planning to attend Dylanstock 2006 tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday. This post will be updated to reflect the latest information, so keep checking back :). I will email those involved with address and phone numbers. Please let me know on this post of any changes to the arrangements :)

The weather forecast hasn't changed in the last few days - it's insisting we're going to have thundery showers pretty much both days. This will not spoil our fun, however! Can I suggest you all bring as much of the following as possible:
  • Clothes you don't mind getting photographed in while wet (it'll be warm, and we'll bring towels :) ) - and some others for indoor photos
  • If you're interested in pillioning on a motorbike and have had problems fitting properly into either a small or medium helmet, then bring one that fits - and sensible clothes for biking in (including biker jacket if you have one)
  • A sleeping bag (although we probably have some bedding and airbeds and such lying around if necessary)
  • Music you want to share, preferably on original CD :)

We've still not got any specific trips planned, but if we do it's most likely to be on the Thursday. We'll probably decide on the day depending on a number of factors like what people feel like and how the weather's doing.

So, here are the people potentially interested, and what the arrangements are for everyone as I currently understand them:
  • dylan - It's his new house we're invading, so be nice to him!
  • azekeil - I live in Cheltenham; I have a doctor's appointment first thing on Wednesday morning in Cheltenham, but other than that I plan to drive down to Bristol on Wednesday morning and drive back on Thursday evening. I am giving lifts to Cheltenham people...
  • ev1ldonut - You're riding my bike to your work in Bristol so I can pick it up on Wednesday morning, but you're not turning up until Thursday. Then you're taking the bike back to Cheltenham for me on Thursday evening or Friday morning.
  • kissycat1000 - You're showing up on Thursday during the day?
  • goetia - You're grabbing a lift with me on Wednesday morning at 10-10:30am, and I'll call you just before I leave to pick you up. I need to know your address! (where's that email!)
  • leopardspice - Unable to make it due to other commitments :(
  • izzy_stradlin - You're getting a coach to Bristol coach station for 11:30am on Wednesday, and either dylan or myself (if I'm around in time) will pick you up. You're getting the coach back on Wednesday evening.
  • sepheri - Unable to make it due to other commitments :(
  • darkjewelz - Will make your own way to Bristol/dylan's and arrange with dylan if you need picking up from town on Wednesday morning.
  • aeia - Will make your own way to dylan's on Wednesday afternoon/evening (and possibly Thursday evening?)

Right, now I'll go and try to hunt down email addresses for everyone to email them phone numbers and the address :) Emails sent - let me know if you've not got it!
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