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Random thought extrapolations

With the impending energy crisis, I randomly thought about how life might be in the future. I then thought that one of my rather energy-hungry ambitions would need to be achieved sooner rather than later, if I wanted to have any chance of achieving it at all: to own a V8-engined car, perhaps for a year. I don't see it as irresponsible - after all, I certainly won't be buying new, so I'm not buying a car that is not already in existence. I won't be driving it far either. But this is besides the point I am coming to.

I imagined that movies depicting post-apocalyptic scenarios might be a fairly accurate forecast of things to come - such that civilisation as we know it is wiped out, and with it most accurate records of history. I can just see a future post-apocalyptic civilisation unearthing a hoarde of movies from this era, and after deciphering the technology, coming to the conclusion that we must have been incredibly wise, but somehow ultimately unfortunate, to have been educating our public on ways to survive the future energy crisis through these 'movies'.

On a side note, I wonder how many things we interpret as intelligence in civilisations past that were merely coincidence or entertainment with no specific intent behind them?
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