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Discoveries this weekend

Someone close to where I live has committed the cardinal sin. They not only have a 4x4, but it has not one, not two, not even three, but FIVE England flags hanging from it. It also has a rooftop luggage carrier. It looks like a family has gone mad without actually being ricers.

My street also looks like laundry day, until you look more closely and realise they're not bedsheets but England flags. Joy.

Second, meltie really doesn't like being pillion while filtering through ten miles of tailbacks on the M5 in twenty minutes.

Finally, goetia, you have to see this. In fact, just go here.

Weekend consisted of biking and LAN-ing. Tomorrow I'm driving to London with a server for work. Still, at least I get paid for it.

UPDATE: Like all good trilogies, this has a fourth in the series. Here is a reason I like Brookers, a girl who seemingly now has some sort of contract with a media company after posting videos she's created on YouTube. This is also a good example of why she is ace, but also the fact she is rather easy on the eye doesn't go amiss either :)
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