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AAaargh GRRR Rowl SNORt!

Okay I feel better now. I am in a shitty tired grumpy pissed off stressed mood. Partially to do with my day at work but mostly because I'm tired. And I'm throwing my toys out the pram. Managed to offend a few people. The phone keeps ringing but it's not for me, not that I want to talk to anyone anyway.

The only redeeming feature of today was that my order for my HDD has finally gone through, so I should get it tomorrow or Friday. AFTER I phoned up and had a go at for being crap - the item I had ordered was in stock and I even checked the stock decremented after I had ordered it.. yet the order status came up 'waiting for stock'... grrr... so I asked them to ship it to me next day delivery so that I might still get it by Friday seeing as how it was their fault. So the helpful guy at the other end did this for me. I went in to check and lo and behold he'd only gone and bloody charged me for the privilege! The cheek!

Not managing to talk to kissycat1000 much. Feeling left out. Bah.

Spent most of the morning talking with Ric to the new Test Manager who started today. It's bloody tiring talking and explaining whole systems including the technical, business and political aspects of it to a new person. Even if he was very quick to pick up everything and seemed to know his stuff. Well at least someone does.

Realised that my program I'd been writing wouldn't work on the system it was supposed to be monitoring (the production system, as opposed to the test system I was writing/testing it on) as the production system will have MSISDN restrictions turned on.. meaning that only mobile phones that have a phone number will be able to connect to the server. Ah. Puzzled about that for a bit before realising it was only an extra HTTP header I needed to add to fix it so that was a bit of a relief.

Spent the last half of the working day realising that I am now going to be trained off to London on Friday to talk to a retailer about how we're going to - *ARGH* another smegging phone call!! - except this one was from Kt - she's alright so I can forgive her for that. I had fun teasing her anyway. Now where was I? Oh yes... talking to a retailer about how we're going to proceed. Slowly it dawned on me that this meant I was going to have to spend the whole of tomorrow preparing my laptop - sorry - the 'team' laptop - with the necessary programs and documentation, and I also have to find out what exactly has been done to accommodate them so far and all this while the relevant person is away in Reading until Friday. Great. Oh well.. guess I have to spend more time with my nose buried in technical documentation on the Great Sherlock Holmes treasure hunt with no treasure.

I am looking forward to the weekend so I can drink beer, shoot things and destress.

Oh - hmm. Suppose a massage won't be possible either with all the people around. Ah well.

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