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My rather packed weekend

Well after a few misunderstandings due to large amounts of stress kissycat1000 and I cleared things up on Friday evening. cavu came over and we just chilled, had chinese and watched "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" on telly.

Saturday morning I got up and went to IKEA and purchased a JERKER desk - seemingly all the rage with my friends at the moment. I must take this opportunity to point out that I had actually considered doing this when I first moved into Jon's house.. not that I follow trends or want in any way to be known as a trendsetter or follower (I mean just take one look at me and you'll understand why!).

Anyway, I did get some rather good bargains. I found a chair I was keen on that had been reduced from 80 to 40 because it was 'shop soiled'.. not that I could see anything wrong with it. Also the guy at the checkout only saw 3 of the 5 swinging trays I'd bought to go along with the desk... I wasn't about to correct him ;) So 142 pounds later I had a really great desk and chair *grin*

I got back and unloaded and waited for the roleplayers to arrive, also having to nip back out to the train station to pick a couple of them up. I was pretty tired after the stress of last night and did my usual falling asleep trick as we played. Well not much interesting was happening apart from arguing over the rules and particulars which were irrelevant anyway. I did get to mercilessly slaughter some annoying mercenaries who were cowardly trying to pepper me from afar with arrows whilst being invisible. I settled their hash. Permanently. *grin*

I received a phone call in the early evening from of course kissycat1000.. I'd said for her to call if she was coming down this weekend and she was just coming into Bristol when she called ;) That, needless to say, was an amazingly pleasant surprise :) We finished up the roleplaying and I spent the rest of the evening having a much needed talk with kissycat1000.

Some of the lads got back from seeing Star Wars Episode 2 so we decided to forgo our early night and be sociable, which was quite funny. kissycat1000 of course getting drunk within the first 5 seconds ;) A good night's sleep saw us waking up early and spending more quality time together. We went to the pub for lunch, which was the first time we'd managed to get her to come along, and there were loads of people there too, so that was nice. We had a really nice slightly spiced HUGE lambburger.

I spoke to Mat and convinced him to come around and help me put up my desk, which he duly did. We all went home and kissycat1000 and I said our goodbyes (her post of the weekend is here). Mat and I set about sorting my room out - him offering much needed moral support (it's quite a task!). Soon we were putting the desk up and ended up trying to make some modifications to one of the swing arms but it didn't quite work as planned - however the end result is fantastic! One small problem... I realised afterwards I didn't think about which side the computers and hifi should go on and ended up with them on the wrong sides. Oh well. It's all neatly cable tied out of the way.

I now have a fantastic table dominating the room but allowing me easy access to all the computers etc, with comfortable seating and a table at the right height that I can sit at properly. No more aching back or eyes from using a computer at home now :) Oh and of course the hifi is set up properly for the first time since I moved in there and it sounds great :)

Oh, and the original desk that was there actually fits quite nicely in front of the disused fireplace. It's certainly more cramped in that room but it's quite doable.

Mat called later on that evening to tell me that someone had dropped out of the planned trip to Ozzfest next weekend and I could buy a ticket and get transport there and back... ;) Hmmm.. I am going to call him later today with my decision. I'm supposed to be going to a LAN in Bath that weekend but I think purrthecat, jebuscrust and others will be there, along of course with Mat and the people we will be going with. I think I may have to do it. I've had enough of computers after all ;) Not that I've got any money to do it with but what the hey?

So here I am on Monday morning sorting out lots of random stuff and aching like mad and being really tired after the busy weekend. Looks like next weekend's going to be a mad one too *grin* ;)

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