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Happiness once again

wechsler propogated this piece of research done on livejournal blogs into words associated with happiness and sadness, and the times of most likely happiness and sadness. Interesting, but may possibly be skewed by what people choose to post when...

EDIT: Their conclusion for a recipe for happiness:
Recipe for Happiness (ingredients with high happiness load are italicized)

  • Something new
  • Lots of food that you enjoy
  • Your favorite drink
  • An interesting social place
Go shop for something new – something cool, make sure that you love it. Then have lots of food, for dinner preferably, as the times of breakfast and lunch are to be avoided. Consider also including a new, hot taste, and one of your favorite drinks. Then go to an interesting place, it could be a movie, a concert, a party, or any other social place. Having fun, and optionally getting drunk, is also part of the recipe. Note that you should avoid any unnecessary actions, as they can occasionally trigger feelings of unhappiness. Ideally the recipe should be served on a Saturday, for maximum happiness effect. If all this happens on your birthday, even better. Bon appétit!
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