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Argh, problems..

First off I'd like to apologise to diffrentcolours and deathboy for being so rudely cut off last night. Blueyonder had a skitz and we lost net connection, but it all appears to be back now. So you can continue leeching/uploading boys :)

Second there is yet more unrest here around jobs. Another couple of official memos have gone around detailing job cuts and the details of the 'at risk' identification procedure again. I'm not in the right area or have many of the categories to put me at risk, but I have just come off charge. More pressure to get a project *sigh*. I'm going to have to start looking externally too, and soon.

Thirdly, at least, the insurance ombudsman has notified the insurance company of my complaint and has given them 8 weeks to formulate a final offer. So, progress from an official 3rd party. Still, that's 2 months even before I hear about a decision on my money, which is basically the whole of the summer. Gah I want a bike again before the summer's out.. interestingly enough if I leave Logica I will get the account book to the money I'd been saving on the housing scheme... *grin* Either that or I'll look into a short-term loan.

There are a lot of changes going on at the moment which is disturbing me. I hope it all works out for the best...

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