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Star Wars Episode 2 :)

Don't worry, this is NOT a spoiler, just a quick review :)

How come he's seen Episode 2 I hear you cry? Well, that would be because goddesssnoweh kindly invited me and eze along as her two guests to the staff preview.

So I got home from work, knackered. Collapsed and slept until I got woken by a call from eze at 9:45pm. Got my shit together and picked him up from Megabowl on the way, dropping in at the Spar for a much needed caffeine boost :)

Episode 2 is IMO a lot better than Episode 1. It was far more epic and in keeping with the traditional Star Wars theme, with less of the annoying spurious characters that plagued Episode 1. There is one part in it that will just have you wetting yourself :) It sets the scene nicely for Episode 3..

And now to bed, as it is bloody late :/

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