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So, that karma thing..

Karma seems to be taking me on a bit of a wild ride these last few days. Yesterday morning was great - really productive. Yesterday afternoon had to be fucked right into the bin.

Today has been pretty good. I managed to do the work necessary to my bike (barring masking off the headlight) to get it through the MOT. This was with the lead to connect the sidelight to the headlight missing, which I (in hindsight) had foolishly assumed would be on the bike. So I ended up cannibalising an old car stereo lead for it's push-fit connectors and manufacturing one with an electrical domino and some electrical tape (oh, and some bubble wrap).

I'd left it right to the last minute to give fiendster a call to see if he could give me a hand with moving the stuff from the master bedroom up into the loft, but as luck would have it he was free just then, and we completed the work in the limited time available to him with time to spare. Mate, I owe you beer/curry etc. Hopefully you can collect during this week while you're off work :)

Tomorrow there are various things on, but I still haven't given myself a chance to recover in the last two weeks and my less-than-perfect immune system is complaining, so I want to take it easy for once. Having said that, I've heard rumours of a picnic which I may just have to attend, in a low-stress kind of fashion.

Oh yes, finally, I followed stephmog's suggestion to read the blog of her mum which she's syndicated here. I was particularly struck by the comment from "Suki Take It Off Again" to this post - and no, not the awful font/colour choice. I don't know if I'm brave enough to admit that sort of mistake, let alone do something about it. At least, not until I am financially stable.
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