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General update

So, after my funny five minutes yesterday morning, I seem to be in a better mood. I'm not feeling 100% by any means, but things are coming together:
  • I've organised a roofer. He's going to fix the cracked tiles this week, for £70 plus VAT all in.
  • My bike's MOT will be sorted on Monday, after some work at the weekend on the bike. Total cost ~£75, including MOT. Will probably need to get a (UK) headlight for it at some point though. Unforutnately this does mean I won't make it to the bike thing this Saturday. Never mind, I've got other things I should be doing.
  • I've got to grips with my pension; when the major house stuff is out of the way I will be significantly increasing contributions to it I suspect.
  • I should have a new bank card through soon, and then I can renew my bike insurance and order a new driving license. Which I will stop carrying round in my wallet, I think.
  • Talking of major house stuff, I just have the master bedroom to clear and decorate (including fixing the flooring in one spot, putting up a stud wall and getting the plasterers in for the ceiling) before ev1ldonut can finally move up to Cheltenham. Exciting!
I'm hoping to clear the master bedroom this weekend along with fixing my bike. Any volunteers to help me move stuff back up into the loft this weekend? Suitable recompense can be arranged..
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