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A bit of an adventure

It should be noted that the following entry was written offline at the end of Tuesday:

I might have forgotten to mention to all but bex_sgs that I was going to Durham on the Unix User's Group Spring Conference - work's sent me.

So, I get the car ready, fill up with fuel etc, leave and start heading up to Durham. I know where I'm going, and pretty much which route I'm going to take. After an hour and a bit, I decide to stop at Stafford services for a break and get something from the shop. This is when I discover that I've misplaced my wallet once again. I remember that I've been able to get cash out of a branch without my card before. However, it's already 4pm. I manage to drive into Newcastle-Under-Lyme, park (illegally) and find a branch of my bank. I calculated I'd need £50 minimum to get fuel for the return journey. They wanted to let me have just £30, but I must have done a good job convincing them, as I now have £40. Life without that little piece of plastic is.. interesting! Up until I had the money in my grubby hands, I was contemplating filling up then doing the 'oh I forgot my wallet' routine. I guess you give your name and address and promise to pay them within so many days or bad things happen to you. Anyone know what happens in that instance?

On the way up I saw a very strange petrol station. It was like any other high street shop, except it had an awning with the word 'Petrol' written on it and two petrol pumps right at the edge of the road. How extremely bizarre! Although I could have stopped and taken a photo, I couldn't really be arsed. I still had a lot of driving to do.

Now I've finally arrived. The room is a college room - no telly, but it does have an en-suite and a kettle and tea paraphenalia. Durham appears to be very weird, or I have just explored the wrong part - I can't find any fast-food places or restaurants! In any case, I arrived shortly after 9pm, when most places stop serving. So, down the local newsagents it was for me. The place was packed with students, so it looks like that is practically the only place to get stuff at this time. I got some sandwiches and other refrigerated goodies, and noodles I can pour boiling water on, with included fork. Only hot thing I can have tonight.

I'm kicking myself that I didn't either bring movies to watch on the laptop, or bring a network cable (there is what looks like a network port in the room). I did think about it, but I think I wasn't in a place with one to hand (ie. driving) when I thought of it.

I have maps of the place, know where I'm going tomorrow, so I'd better have a look at the programme and make my choices about which events to attend and then hit the hay. Might even be able to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

This bit written now: Now I'm back and shattered. I've had a good look for my wallet and found the receipts that I thought were with it, but not the wallet itself. So I'll have to cancel the cards and order yet another driving license. I think I'm going to stop carrying my driving license with me, and get a wallet that chains to something - either my bag or a belt-loop. This is getting somewhat tedius.
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