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More nifty update

There are such diverse people at the conference. Aside from your usual stereotypes (bespectacled nerds, fat hairy d00ds, etc), there are... others.

So. The first guy: He's definitely a fat hairy d00d. He has tattoos. He has hair from everywhere. He has a Heavy Metal t-shirt. His name is... Mark Slaymaker. I kid you not.

The second guy. Looks like he's straight out of the seventies, down to the slim physique, the drainpipe olive-grey trousers, the brown leather belt, the brown suede shirt with the opal buttons, the half-bowl half-fop hair cut and the obligatory bushy moustache. His name.. and I shit you not.. is... Digby Tarvin.

Well I'm going to laugh myself to bed. 'night.
Tags: whimsical

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