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An Infusion of goodness :)

The visit with kissycat1000 to Oxford and the night called Infusion went really quite well.. the last minute things always do for some reason ;) I've finally met diffrentcolours whom I've been stalking horribly for the last few weeks due to some startling similarities.. hehe ;) I also met up with Rachael and Hannah which was very cool.

I drove over to Cheltenham after work and realised on the way I'd forgotten the blessed map! So I ended up dropping in on kissycat1000 in the same sort of manner she did when she last visited.. Tianna let me in *grin*. I sorted the map out and then went out for KFC, came back and picked her up and went to Oxford. Parked up a little way away from the club (having learned my lesson from last time lol) and walked there. It was pretty empty when we got there at about 8:30ish, but we kept ourselves.. occupied *ahem* :)

The club itself was pretty cool.. not smokey and not too loud and not too packed in the end but nicely filled, with secluded seating niches deposited liberally around. People started trickling in and eventually kissycat1000 txt'd diffrentcolours to let him know we were by the bar. He txt'd back.. the first thing we realised about him is that he doesn't have much of a clue about time lol! Apparently he was delayed but was going to make it before 9.. well it was 8:58 when he sent it so we figured he must have got confused *grin*.

We kept ourselves.. amused *cough* whilst keeping an eye out for people. In fact we both kept our eye on the girl who was on the door when we came in.. the girlfriend of the DJ.. mmmmmm and she danced sometimes too. We stood blatantly eyeing her up (whoops). (or actually not so whoops - lol).

Actually neither of us knew what he looked like except that user pic and the fact that he had a nose piercing and had recently dyed his hair red. So I got confused when I saw a blonde haired pretty boy and nearly managed to get his attention.. but we realised he wasn't looking for anyone and some things didn't fit (like his hair). But he did look so much like the user pic *grin*.. Aah well.

Anyway after diffrentcolours txt'd kissycat1000 again to tell us he was in the club wearing a Transformers t-shirt and drinking a JD and coke, I realised he was standing just three feet from us.. so we got up and introduced ourselves :)

The rest of the night was a mad social whirl of meeting people, being introduced to people by diffrentcolours, dancing to favourite songs and generally having a very good, loud, bouncy and sociable time :) Luckily kissycat1000 and my enthusiasm for each other didn't seem to affect people too much.. I think she made some friends, notably a guy called Brian who wants me to send him my CV for a possible job.. which doesn't sound bad :) Just have to wait for him to get in touch :)

Oh, and kissycat1000 got felt up by a skinny metalhead goth who was definitely on something and DEFINITELY not straight... not really her cup of tea and really quite amusing to watch ;)

I eventually saw Rachael and chatted to her for a bit.. not enough catching up as I was buzzing too much to say much other than the usual unintelligable rush of apologies and reacquaintances. However I still have her email address so I will make sure I stay in touch now :) (bad boy, naughty boy!)

Then some girl started pointing at me and I realised it was Hannah, so I went over and did my duty by dylan and said hello to her. Then I realised I knew her too.. My god! I met her once 6 years ago.. she would have been 15 and one of the gaggle of teenagers who were mysteriously chasing me.. god knows why 'cause I was dressed in multicoloured clothes in a multicoloured dressing gown with my hair in multicoloured braids. She remembers me vividly because I whispered to her "Ssssh.. I'm a goth in disguise!" Oh My God! That was so long ago.. as I looked at her her face became more familiar and it all started coming back.. that was SO weird. Such a long time ago. I must be getting old.

Spent some more time chatting to diffrentcolours.. oh.. who by the way now seems to have acquired the unfortunate and longwinded nick-name of "Alex/Dave/whatever the fuck his name is" by myself and kissycat1000 due to some confusion over names... anyway yes spent more time talking to him but didn't manage to get to know enough about him. There's a lot more I want to know *grin*.

The night ended up with me kissing diffrentcolours goodbye ;) and finding the car and driving back. A good night, but didn't get in until 3am, then I had to drink tea and eat pate on toast as I was feeling a bit dehydrated and woozy so I didn't get to bed until 4am *groan*.

I almost didn't bother coming in this morning but realised if we go every month I'm going to need to be able to make it so dragged myself in. Luckily I think 4 hours is supposed to be a boundary for sleep so I don't feel too bad at the moment. I did have to get a sandwich, drink and packet of crisps to start me off this morning though.

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