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Blergh. And geek.

I'm still ill. I've not been into work for the last two days. I was starting to feel better over the weekend as well *pout*. Ah well, all is not lost.

Yesterday I ordered some computer bits, and they turned up this morning. I'm happy to say that I have now wireless enabled my laptop with an internal mini-pci card - Toshiba insisted that only their card would work. But that was ~£80 and only 802.11b, rather than the ~£16 card that is 802.11b/g that I now have fitted :) This is something I've been meaning to do for aaages but haven't because of fears of it not fitting/working with my laptop. That is, until kissycat1000 got her laptop (which is now also upgraded by 512MB RAM) and forced me to get a wireless access point for my house, which seemed to make it more worthwhile me finally getting it sorted out. It took quite a bit of fiddling with drivers but it's finally working :)

Other purchases include an 8-port gigabit switch and one gigabit NIC for beast, which I haven't yet managed to get to work. I blame my brain, although I think the linux I'm trying to install on is fairly broken.

Finally I bought a 300GB drive and an external IcyBox with USB and SATA (hotplug don't you know!) interfaces for my growing storage requirements. Beast currently has 8x160GB drives in, and consumes quite a lot of power for the 1TB storage it provides, and they were bought around the time it cost me ~£200 per drive. So, just a vague idea, but if I get people wanting to buy these 8 drives off me for next to nothing (say £30 each?), I could do it and just buy bigger drives for the new beast. Volunteers?

I've also managed to get the Playstation 2 USB EyeToy camera working on the PC as a quite reasonable webcam. This means Jordan will be able to play CamGoo on his PC instead of invading the living room ;)
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