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Sorting stuff

Well the first thing that's getting sorted is me getting drunk :) This is proceeding well but I fear it's about to be stopped short because of a lack of beer. Unfortunate, but perhaps thankful nonetheless.

Anyway, I have sorted the following stuff:
  1. I have got a new 60GB HDD for reverendhatty
  2. I got hold of the stereo model number and found out that they want £69.15 inc P&P for a new stereo front panel.. screw that! I don't think I'll have the car for much longer.
  3. Still no news on the new project front.. looks like I'll have to hunt for a project like everyone else *sigh*
  4. I realised I DO actually have the certificate of insurance so that's good as I need it to get the tax disc at the end of this month
  5. Got a response from Enermax USA but no response from Germany where they asked me to forward it.. bah. I'll have to do something.
  6. Still no response from the insurance ombudsman so I will call them and hassle

I called Rachael who I befriended a while ago about our impending visit to Oxford (like tomorrow! lol) and it turns out she's already going there.. so YAY! :) It's gonna be a late one for me tomorrow night. Oh damn my beer's run out :( Hmmm the shops are still open *grin*

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