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Weird phobias

A friend kindly reminded me of a phobia I have. It's not a big or all-consuming phobia, but it's actually quite weird. I have decided to post it as a thought-provoking meme type thing. I'd be intrigued if you would either comment or post your own 'weird phobia', doing your best to convey your experience of the feelings your phobia invokes in you.

I have this Thing about plants. I don't mind looking at them, but I don't like touching them. Other than trees. I'll go reasonably out of my way to avoid touching them. Recently we went to a place with loads of sunflowers. It alarmed me how big and heavy they were, especially the heads.

I'm pretty certain it's to do with their feel. Bark and wood is reassuring and solid. Grass is mostly OK. Brambles are just annoying and potentially painful with their thorns, but their stems are solid enough not to bother me. It's things that are not solid, that are furry, or sticky, or just not wood-like or plain-without-hairs-and-not-rubbery-leaf-like in any way. *shudder*.

I'm going to tenuously link this to autism as autists are renown for disliking particular textures.

Oh, as a note, I've got used to eating plants and fruits, thankfully. But cannot stand fried tomatoes. Raw tomatoes are generally out, although occasionally I may have a little.
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