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The other half of the weekend

Saturday evening I went to my step-mum and dad's house for a meal. My other step-brother Mathew was there, with his wife Sally and their 8 month old baby Fraya. Fraya was all big eyes and looking interested and startled at everything.. she's on the verge of crawling. Sally is lovely and it was good to see Mathew again.

I was quite tired throughout the weekend as I didn't have much sleep on the floor or sofa so I wasn't 100% bouncy as per usual. We had a lovely pork casserole, with very lively and animated conversations about how we all were when we were children. This lead to helping with the drying up getting really silly but it was a lot of fun :)

My dad talked to me for a bit about how things were. He wanted to be sure that I was happy in my relationship and I told him I was.. I ended up explaining a lot about the situation, which he seemed to accept. He's like me I think in more ways than I realised. He analyses things a lot too, and he just wants me to be happy, which I am.

We also talked about going out for a bit of a father/son thing sometime. Perhaps they'll make their way to Bristol and Lyn can spend the day/night with Sue a good friend of hers and I'll spend the day/evening with my dad.. perhaps a BBQ on a Saturday with some friends followed by playing some pool in the pub - that'd be nice :) Half term, the first week in June, is looking like the most likely time.

However, Ollie told me about a camping trip to the New Forest with his dad and a load of mates.. sounds excellent. This is also happening on the first or second weekend in June depending on weather. I'm hoping that kissycat1000 will want to come and be able to come too as it sounds like a great laugh and something different and cool to do as well as meeting a lot of cool people :) I know she's too much of a townie to possibly want to stay in a tent *grin* ;P

On the way back to Portsmouth Ollie and I had a good chat and he knows about the relationship situation now. He warned me up front that he doesn't want to know the details as he doesn't agree fundamentally with the concept - his parents got divorced and marriage/divorce holds a lot of strong feelings for him. He seemed happy enough to listen and contribute, so even though he doesn't agree with it he knows of me and my situation and is happy enough for me :)

So anyway on Sunday we got up and played networked Warlords Battlecry 2 for a bit which was muchos fun and appreciated. Unfortunately Jim was out at work by the time we got round there so no skankage of stuff was possible :(

Instead I drove up to my mum's and had a meal with her and her boyfriend Bill and her lodger Shirley. We had a good meal and afterwards I was fed a turkish/greek coffee. I had to leave the damn thing to settle because half of it is bloody coffee silt. Sheesh. It didn't taste that strong even though I had it black, but from the way I was buzzing gently but definitely on the way back and afterwards I knew it was really strong :)

Looks like kissycat1000 and I are going up to meet diffrentcolours on Tuesday for a club night which will be really cool. I bunged a load of washing in this morning before I left so I'll actually have clothes to wear. I just haven't had time to sort it all out as per usual *grin*.

And my car this morning.. It was covered in blossom. People must have thought I was something straight out of the sixties with all this blossom flying off as I drove round :) Still, it's raining now so maybe that'll rinse the rest of it off.. ;)

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