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Oh look, work avoidance again...


I haven't really updated meaningfully in a while. And I've run out of interesting things to do, so I'm procrastinating before I have to get on with my boring work.

My interesting work has been rather interesting and has got people fired up. Not directly my doing, but the results of some recent tests which were beyond what was strictly necessary. Good thing I did them though because it would seem a large amount of money is now going to be spent as a direct result of them. Whee - the slight nervousness around "what if my results were wrong?" creeps into my mind, but I shoo them away with the disinterest of one who has more important things to do, like indulge in the quiet knowledge that I'm making a difference to this company. This is the sort of thing I wanted to be able to do when I embarked on this career.

I've managed to b0rk up my sleeping patterns somewhat by going to bed early at 9pm, then wake up at 4:30am-ish, then not get to sleep the next day until 1am. Whoops. My fault entirely, as I've started back up playing...

Guild Wars. Seems they've added more content and stuff, and my character is actually high enough level to participate in the PvP matches which is fun, and there are more definite rewards for doing so now too. Don't know how long my interest will be held this time round, but if anyone wants to join me I highly recommend downloading and installing a new IM client called XFire. It's basically a gaming client that lets you tell people when you're around, and which games you're playing. If it's a public server, the XFire client has support for most games to allow you to join the same server as the friend you're looking at as well. There is also support for publishing screen shots to the built-in profile page, and automatic P2P downloading of the latest patches for the games you have installed (which you can turn off or limit as you see fit). Of course my username is azekeil on there as well...

Well the insulation has been laid in the loft. Oh yes, I have to call a plumber today to accept the quote for the work and book a date. Last weekend while I had the kids (J stayed in the new room for the first time, T was away at a friend's) I got on with relaying the flooring, which was like a jigsaw puzzle. I'd tried to label the pieces beforehand to make life easier, but quite a few pieces got mis-labelled and added to the confusion. Working out where identical-looking boards go merely by their screw-holes is a new and challenging game.

Anyway, I'm exceptionally pleased to note that the new insulation has made *such* a difference to the house. It now retains heat far better, takes far less time to warm up, and actually reaches agreeable temperatures. Of course the other bonus is it will cost me a lot less to heat the place, which I have noticed already as an appreciable difference in the time the boiler is active (even with the temperature cranked up a fair bit). It feels a lot more like a home now, rather than a squat. Granted, there's still a lot to do but it's all in hand now and progressing well, even if it is a lot of work. On that note I should mention I've also replaced the letterbox with a new non-draughty version, and draught-proofed the loft hatch as well. Go me!

Right, that's enough procrastination. I suppose I'd better get on with some work ;)
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