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The way things are going

I noticed with interest that a computer game I decided to install showed me a disclaimer that the game contains advertising that is downloaded in real time from the internet.


After reading on, it's actually a fairly good system, much as I hate to admit it. The game's advertisers (Massive Incorporated) will download adverts to be displayed as objects in the game. Massive collect statistics on which game you were playing, how long you were playing, what adverts were shown, how big they were on the screen etc, but no personally identifiable information - apart from your IP address. Any information they pass on to advertisers is aggregated.

Well, as long as I don't receive spam, and the 'adverts' aren't out of place for the game, I suppose it could be quite interesting. I'll have to see what it's like.

Have you all also noticed the trend with the recent hollywood blockbuster movies to basically be rather large strategic adverts: I-Robot was a classic example. It happened to be overdone to the point of obviousness I thought. Adverts for Audi, those sneakery things, some soft drink or other etc all featured in the film.

I noticed in Underworld Evolution that the computer monitor they were looking at was a 'Sony'. Funny, the film was made by.. Sony. I did wonder why the scene contained those few extra seconds at the beginning focussing on almost nothing except the back of this monitor with the Sony logo on it...

Anyway, so it would seem the industry's answer to pirates is to bundle advertising in with the product - so even if it gets pirated, the advertisers still get to spread their wares. Sickening to someone like me who HATES being sold to, but I have to admit a shrewd move on the part of the industry.

Just keep the damn things unobtrusive and we'll all get on fine.
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