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The merry merry trip to Portsmouth ;)

Hahar! Well here I am in Portsmouth. I have recovered from last night's jolities, when Ollie, Sam, Linden and I partook of our various vices and played Worms. Their ability to play Worms is actually very scary. I still managed through fluke and jamminess to win one of the three games we played :) Much silliness and laughter was had by all..

This morning I recovered and we popped round to Jim and Kevin's.. More software and goodies which we will pick up tomorrow. I couldn't get the server case I wanted. I don't think I would have had time to sort it all out anyway. Just burning the stuff for Ollie before we head up to my dad and step-mum's for dinner in Petersfield.. after that it's back here for presumably more vices and fun or perhaps in a pub.

Tomorrow after getting the stuff I will drive back via my mum's in Godalming for an evening meal before heading home.

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