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A quickie before the weekend?

Wow.. well here's a good one for you. It's announced on the news before the employees hear it.. Logica is cutting 6% more of its staff again. Mostly Mobile Telecoms (I'm in Telecoms and work literally alongside them but not with them). More doom and gloom. I don't think I'm at risk just yet. I haven't heard about my new role yet - in fact I haven't seen Rory all day. I expect I'll see him around on Monday; if not I'll call him.

This morning I was up really late because I didn't get to sleep early enough again last night. Then to make matters worse the portway (the road I usually travel on to work) had been blocked off. I should have guessed as I think I just squeaked through on the way back from work as they were closing it yesterday. There were STRONG smells of gas as I drove by.. So I ended up driving across town to go the only other real alternative and ended up about 40 minutes late into work.. noone minds or cares especially at the moment.

Still, I had a phone call from my step-mum reminding me it was my Dad's birthday on Thursday which I did actually remember yesterday. She mentioned that Ollie (my step-brother) was coming up to dinner on Saturday night along with her other son Mathew and his wife. So I mentioned I was going down and suspected that Ollie had done his usual and forgotten.. *grin* So I called him up. He's handing in the last of his work and collecting his degree today so it sounds like a good weekend for a bit of a celebration.. hehe ;)

Social life.. I have one! Woot!:

James, a guy who used to work here closely with me briefly who I became good mates with invited me out to Ibiza with him.. If I weren't completely skint I might go for it, but as it is I think I'll have to give it a miss this time round. I'm still not decided yet ;)

There's a possible BUNCS LAN happening on the weekend of the 24-26 May.. I might be busy going to London or busy for at least part of it seeing kissycat1000..

I bumped into Michael friend of Jon's in the pub at lunch who invited me to a birthday BBQ tomorrow.. damn.. shame I'm busy. Still there'll be other BBQs :)

Oh, and dylan called me up to see what I was doing.. he's supposed to be helping his dad with the garage roof in Southampton so I said gimme a call at Ollie's on the Saturday or whenever and maybe we'll hook up :)

On other notes, sorting things has slowed down but it's all under control now which makes me feel a lot more stable. I want to buy a new desk and chair for my computers/hifi in my room as well as a new computer case, but money is definitely limited. So we'll see...

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