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Yay! Holiday!

I'm having some much-needed holiday, yesterday and today. I think though I stayed up too late playing Fable on Wednesday night, then kissycat1000 came to wake me up, and it's just gone slowly downhill from there. Although yesterday was very nice, with bike riding, christmas shopping that wasn't a chore (!), then a meal and a trip to the cinema (thanks to ev1ldonut for babysitting).

Today I'm sitting quietly, trying not to overdo things to avoid making myself unwell. However I'm aware that I wanted to finish off one job and do another big one with help over the weekend. If anyone wants to volunteer to help me move stuff out of the loft, take up the flooring and install joists I'd be very, very grateful. Perhaps to the tune of a pub lunch on Sunday? meltie I'm sort of hoping this will appeal to you, followed by Munchkin?
Tags: diy, update

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