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Football was pretty OK last night in actual fact. I wasn't drinking of course - although I was sorely tempted. I wasn't bored as such and the game went reasonably quickly.. I don't think I'd necessarily do it again unless I specifically wanted to be with the people who were going.. and normally I don't like people who like football. Ah well it was a different experience.

Things are getting more sorted for the BadgerLAN this coming weekend - after Ric and I got back from the game we sat in the front room and chatted to Sam and Andy which was enjoyable :). After Ric left I shuffled a few movies round on Gateway, uploaded the ones I'd done (Swordfish and Crimson Tide) and showed everyone how I encode movies. Andy got caught up in the excitement of it all and wanted to start 'Badger Inc' productions or something with a little 3 second scene of a Badger (hand puppet) moving in front of some words, much like the 'Mutant Enemy' bit at the very end of Buffy ("Grrr, Argh!"). After some deliberation over exactly how to do this we decided to take a number of digital cam stills of the badger in front of a white background, digitally create the wording in the background and then just move a static image of the badger around in the foreground. I had to bow out of the procedings as it was approaching 1:30am when I eventually managed to get to bed.

I'd better get across to Orange now as there's supposed to be a new Test Manager starting and we're supposed to be helping him settle in (ho ho ho) :)

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