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Fun with new shiny from work :)

Work have just given me one of these, except with 1GB RAM and an internal DVD writer too. VMWare is coming as well. Muahahaha!

I've just arrived at kissycat1000's and decided to see if there were any wireless networks floating around. Yup. 2. Both unsecured. One wouldn't give me an IP address, but the other one would. I promptly downloaded nmap for windows and had a quick scan. Well whaddaya know. Their wireless router homepage is available to me, not password protected. I can restore factory defaults or restart the router. I could even change the settings to lock to just this laptop, then put a password on and restart it.. *evil cackle*

People do do the dumbest things with networking equipment ;)

I might scan it every now and again to see if there's another PC on there, then try to send them a message or leave them a file letting them know their network is insecure ;)
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