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First actual contribution to public domain software

Just wanted to record the fact that I've actually made my first contribution to public domain software the other day. And it's linked to LiveJournal in a circirtuous way too!

A (perl) project I'm working on requires many fast DNS responses, so I'm looking at Danga::DNS. This is developed by Matt Sergeant (who works for MessageLabs) as part of Qpsmtpd. However, contrary to usual I don't want it to cache my results, so I modified the code to provide a cache_enable option, which defaults to true. A very minor update (less than 10 lines over 2 modules) but I feel somewhat proud of my achievement :)

The update isn't in the codebase at time of writing as Matt has many things on. But it will be, soon :)

How is this related to LiveJournal I hear you cry? Well, Danga is the open-source development branch of the team that originally developed LJ. :)
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