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A busy but fun weekend

As ev1ldonut and kissycat1000 have said, it's been a tiring weekend. I'm pleased to see that despite my tiredness I have not succumbed to an illness as a result (yet). Hopefully this marks the very tail end of the effects of the tonsillectomy I had at the beginning of September.

The NEC was interesting, and I got mugged for a Caberg Just One flip-up helmet for £60, and narrowly avoided also buying a rather stern chain. Once I have a ground anchor in place, however..

On Sunday we played Return of the Heroes, which was a little slow and confusing to start with as I got to grips with all the rules, but a bit more fun towards the end :)

DIY is now happening on Tuesday, so all is not lost.

I'm still very chuffed with my online roleplaying - I think it's also helping me express my creative side in a way that's fun and I enjoy very much.. and of course I have an instant audience :)
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