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OMG!!! I just don't believe it!

Okay... I just had a pub lunch with Ric. Fine and good.. Ric is txting a couple of times.. I joke about him flirting with my girlfriend. On the way back Ric asks if I have time to do a quick errand.. I say uh yeah a quick one. So he starts to head South on the M5... uh.. Ric.. WTF? So we wonder around.. I start getting apprehensive as we wonder round mobile shops looking for pay-as-you-go phones...

Ric asks me about phones and damn well nearly gets me one. When the sales assistant says he'll need some details.. and who is the phone for and Ric points to me.. I blow my top! I literally dragged him out of the shop by his ear and gave him a STRONG talking to about how I CAN'T STAND mobiles, much less having one bought for me!

So for anyone else stupid enough to try to buy me a phone - DON'T! The only reason I'm happy with a company one is 'cause they're stupid enough to get it and it's not my responsibility. I have enough trouble keeping hold of the stuff I DO own..


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