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Possibly the last ever Batfink?

kissycat1000 and I have just returned from a mini-sojourn up to Sheffield to go to the last ever Batfink (in that venue at least). I was knackered as expected and left the club at about 11:30pm. The fire alarm in the hotel went off at 6am for long enough to get dressed, before it fell silent again, so we went back to bed. Apparently people were smoking all night in room 105. Bastards. They took the option of leaving early to avoid the angry mob at checkout in the morning.

On Saturday we went to a pub lunch in the Roebuck Tavern and had some welcome food and the usual conversations :) Then meltie and goetia (who'd travelled up with us in my car) took us around Sheffield on trams (I squished a penny!) to possibly the best sweetie shop in the world, and to Sheffield cathedral which had a choir and orchestra practising (and sounding wonderful!). My shots of the interior of the cathedral didn't come out (grr; need a new camera that doesn't require you to touch it when you take a picture..) but I did get some of people and the sweetie shop:

stephmog, goetia and kissycat1000 pre-Batfink.

meltie and goetia

Possibly the best sweetie shop in the world?

The inside (taken from above my head)
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