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House repairs

I'm sure this list will change and grow. I expect it needs to be done in project to keep track of it all. Separate threads can be done in parallel. Some threads have dependencies (Dep:)

Small Bedroom:

Build shutters

Pull bits out of ceiling
Fill holes in ceiling
Size ceiling?
*wait for it to dry*
Paint ceiling
*wait for it to dry*
Paint ceiling again
*wait for it to dry*

Dep: ceiling - Walls (thread 1)
Wash down
Pull bits out of walls
Fill holes
*wait for it to dry*

Dep: ceiling - Walls (thread 2)
Size plasterboard
Wallpaper bare areas
*wait for it to dry*

Dep: Walls (threads 1 and 2) - Walls (thread 3)
Paint walls
*wait for it to dry*
Paint walls again
*wait for it to dry*

Dep: Walls (thread 3) - Shutters
Affix shutters

Dep: Walls (thread 3) - Carpet
Repair flooring
Lay new carpet

Dep: Carpet - Build bunk beds
Build bunk beds

Dep: Plumbing - Master bedroom:
Prepare ceiling
Plaster ceiling
*wait for it to dry*
[then mostly same as small bedroom]

Internal house repairs:
** Plumbing.
remove asbestos(?) from under stairs
fit wires to rooms for LAN and other use
widen lounge/dining area
do ceilings
fit new kitchen
decorate throughout

Separate tasks:
Fence & gate at back of garden
Fencing between me and Terry
Security lights front and back
Gardening (especially the front)
Better locks on front and patio doors

External house repairs:
Clean moss off roof tiles and check for leaks
Replace guttering and eves (guttering may be asbestos)
Repair rendering (and on chimney stack)

Dep: External House repairs - Build bike garage
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