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Events of the last few days..

Well I haven't really made an update since Sunday, and being Thursday I suppose I ought to.

Monday was a bit of a non-entity.. cleared up some bits and pieces, started thinking about some stuff flying around my head.

Tuesday I got a lift with cavu to Trudi's house in Devon on the east coast. It was the worst weather! Luckily it cleared up when we got down there. cavu was very impressed with the scenery and laughingly frustrated with the size of the roads.

Trudi has taken some holiday to look after the new border collie puppy she's got - a real cutie called Midge. She's adorable and at the chewing things stage. Trudi is well and in good spirits.. she took us to a local pub and bought us lunch. I had a couple of pints and slept/dozed most of the way back. cavu made a post about it here.

Wednesday the project with the problems installing the XMLRPC libraries wanted me to go back and install them again on another system.. this time it wasn't so easy and I ended up taking far longer than the half day we envisaged. I got a bit stressed as I wasn't making much progress.

I got back home and slept for a bit. Jon dragged me out to see The Scorpion King with him, Burney, Little John and one-two Matt. I wasn't really sure I was going to make it as I was so tired but I dragged myself out and woke up. It was a good film actually, despite being a 12. The fight scenes were good and had me sitting on the edge of my seat at some points. Cheesy, corny but wholesomely good ;)

Came back home to hear kissycat1000 tell me something that upset me far more than it should have done. I'm in the process of sorting it out now.. been spending most of today doing that and trying to get further with the libraries problem. Luckily at least the libraries problem has dropped back - a solution will be made available to me earliest tomorrow morning so I can relax a bit until then. Went to the pub for lunch and to play pool - a welcome break.

Tomorrow is going to be pubtime again I think, then rolling on towards tomorrow when kissycat1000 comes to see me :)

The weekend after that I've agreed to go and see my step-brother Ollie.. it looks though the trip to Amsterdam will be put off until June time due to his money difficulties.

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