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First of my new toys :)

Yesterday evening I had my bike returned to me after all the work I had done to it:

Please excuse the bike picture - I'm not currently feeling up to cleaning and messing around, so it's dirty and has one side of the luggage attached. More on that later.

It's a road-legal Akrapovic full system with a removable baffle. I had them leave the baffle in for the dyno run as it's illegal to use on the road with it out (and I don't want to give the fuzz any [extra] reasons to pull me over). It's made a considerable difference to how it was before - much more responsive lower down, with the added bonus of a pleasing bark when you push it :)

I haven't yet managed to get the baffle out to hear what it sounds like without it..

A lot of bikes have a flat spot around 5-6k rpm - it's to do with the noise regulations. The design is to dump loads of fuel in the engine around those revs as apparently it makes it quiet enough to pass the restrictions. Bit of a bummer as that's right where people want to use it. Injections aren't a problem as the ECU can just be remapped any way you feel like, but with carbs it's a bit more difficult. The guys have done the best they can to smooth out the dip, and indeed it's just a plateu now instead of a dip..

I took it in with the panniers on because I wanted them to ensure that the new exhaust fitted with the panniers on, but did they check? No. Does it fit? No. So they're currently thinking up a solution. They originally suggested a bracket but I don't want that as it will push the front section of the exhaust below the bodywork. I'm hoping they're going to come round to my way of thinking and rebend the last section of exhaust to reangle the pipe to be more horizontal, which should work nicely.

This morning when I started it up it sounded like it was only firing on two cylinders until it warmed up (Harley anyone?). In the mean time I had to tweak the idling speed up. They said that if it does it again tomorrow then it could be a float problem and to come back in and they'll sort it out.

All in all I'm pretty pleased with it as the work came in slightly under their quote and they're not charging me for the brake pads or the new jets :)

UPDATE: Oh, I forgot to mention, I also had them compare the speedo reading to the rolling road speed at 60, 70 and 80. The speedo was an average of 12% faster than the actual speed (meaning I'm going slower than I think I am). So I have now corrected for that with the speedo healer :)
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