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DIY eureka!

After waking up with the usual pain, I've taken my painkillers and sure enough the pain has subsided to the point I almost feel normal (aside from breaking into a sweat when doing something as strenuous as boiling an egg). I was in the shower washing my hair (and of course everyone knows that one's best thinking is often done in the bathroom) when I had a eureka! moment.

The kids' bunk bed is going to be so simple yet so sturdy it beggars belief. There will be an area in lieu of a bedside table at the foot/head of tianna_j's top bunk where she can store stuff safe from Jordan. The ladder I think will still be the design I originally thought of, which is that once it's pulled up it forms the safety rails to prevent her from falling out of bed.

The breakthrough is the idea to use one long beam for the top bunk's room-side side (if you see what I mean) running the entire length from the wall with the window to the partition wall I built. This means that the walls will brace the bed preventing longitudinal movement; lateral movement will be prevented by the design which is to secure the side next to the wall to the wall, meaning I only have to worry about load.

After thinking some more about that I'm still not 100% sure exactly which way I'm going to secure the three beams together but it's going to be a lot easier securing three beams against torsion in one direction rather than two directions..

I'd sketch and scan in the result to show you what I mean but the scanner's in the loft and I can't be arsed right now.

The upshot of all this is I forgot to shave after getting out of the shower.. curses!
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