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I just decided to spend £1180 on my bike: 36,000km service, Akropovic 4-2-1 full road exhaust system (with removable baffle), K&N air filter, Dyno rejet & tune. I checked the insurance and it's only another 36 quid to include the stuff on the bike including an extra £500 on the value for the remaining 6 months of the policy. Win!

Oh, and second part of the bad stuff; I've just also confirmed with the hifi shop to pick up the Arcam AVR300 and Spendor S9C centre speaker tomorrow afternoon for trial.. I'll probably end up buying the centre (as it's the last one) but return the amp until I can afford it (there should be a discount in the Christmas sales). You don't even want to know how much those two babys are going to cost me..
Tags: bike, hifi, oopsies

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