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Today promises to be interesting:

Couldn't get to sleep last night for nerves. Woke up early for the same reason.

Today I have:
  • A pre-assessment appointment at the hospital at 9am for my impending tonsillectomy (which according to the daft letter I've already had) which promises needles and other unpleasant things.
  • A list of questions already written to ask the HR person at Messagelabs - I'm hoping they can satisfy them on the call, otherwise that's going to be another tortuous wait.
  • Go into work for 12pm - I'm working until 10pm tonight to help them test out bridge functionality over a 10Mbit link
  • While I'm at work - the biggie - corner my boss and tell her the news and wait for her reaction.
  • Oh, and if I get through all that and feel like partying, there's Emergency Judder tonight.
I have no idea what it will be: crying, pleading, on knees etc? anger? snide comments? cold and calculating? warm and calculating (*shudder*) - or possibly worst: simply "OK - seeya!"

Then I have to announce to my colleagues that I'm leaving. What will be the plan for finding a replacement? If my tonsillectomy is Sept 11th, then the plan may very well be announce, start writing up handover notes, have tonsillectomy (using my remaining holiday and sick days where possible), come back to hand over to person they have found, leave.

Sorry for all this gibber, it's running around my head like a hamster in a wheel. A particularly annoying and squeaky wheel. I'm hoping this will act like oil on that wheel..

I've been running through scenarios with my boss thinking that I know I've been underpaid throughout my career, and that when I joined my boss made use of the fact that I was desperate to give me the bottom salary. At the time I said to her that I didn't think that one's salary should be dictated by personal circumstance. I think in her defense though she didn't really understand what I could do or how much value I was going to be to the company. My first (and only) pay review saw me get an effective 15% rise..

I wonder if she'll ask me for some honest advice if I decide to leave (and hence am no longer cuckholded). If so I'll take a small amount of pleasure in informing her that the only reason I went jobhunting was because I didn't feel I was being paid what I was worth.

Ironically yesterday I had my 1-2-1 with my line manager who let me change my job title (sans pay rise) from "Technical Support Engineer" to "Linux Systems Engineer" - to better reflect the work I've been doing (although "Linux Systems Administrator" is clearly more accurate, he suggested holding off and using that later when...). He also told me that there is budget for three new IT staff next year; another desktop guy to take some of the pressure of the specialists (finally!) and.. someone to basically be my junior. My job is eventually going to get split into two - Linux Applications Developer and Linux Systems Administrator. From the company's point of view me with my experience would be best in the app role as the stuff I develop has specialist knowledge. But I wouldn't want to give up the sysadmin just like that.. anyway, it's probably all a bit of a moot point now, unless they turn around and offer me a bazillion pounds to stay. Which I will find deeply irritating.

Still, it's nice to be in a position of power, isn't it? Isn't it? *shivers*
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