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Cor.. well work today was busy. Jeremy, the boss that has taken over from Trudi in her absence (while she snowboards in France for 6 weeks the lucky git) came over to our area as I got in and handed us this big document and went through it and asked us to review it for him and what time would we like to meet this afternoon to go over it? After he left I called "Good morning Jeremy" after him...

So today has been all about documentation *yawn*. Once we had gone through that I managed to escape back to Logica for a short time where I sorted out some bits and pieces, but then had to return to Orange to go through what turned out to be a mammoth session sorting the document out. Didn't get to leave until 5:45pm *sigh*.

Anyway, interesting facts: I found out where the word 'git' comes from. It's the name for the bit of metal left behind from forging something using a mould, hence 'useless git' :) Time team does have its educational value after all - just not in the way people suspect *grin*.

Going to a football match tomorrow evening *shock* *horror* - not something I usually do. But this is an all-expenses-paid trip being organised by Orange so I decided why not? Something different to do for a change. Meal and drink and top class seats provided, plus a meet the team or something afterwards... sounds very VIP. Of course it being the middle of the week I won't actually drink any alcohol, so we'll see.

Preparation for the BadgerLAN happening this weekend - placed an order for a 160GB drive - the cost is now down to ~£1.50 per GIG! I remember the time when £1/MB was considered good... sheesh.

Now I just have to try and sort out the amazing amount of crap on my HDDs and the Gateway left from the last LAN, install the new HDD when it arrives and install a load of games on my freshly build system... hmm... I should really rebuild 98SE on it I suppose *sigh*.

Then I have a bunch of computers to shift around in preparation including tidying my room.. I should really get off here and feed myself and start doing some of this crap *grin*.

Looking forwards to the LAN, hope kissycat1000 passes her driving test tomorrow morning (good luck!) - might mean she could come and visit during the LAN. That'd be fun, especially if we have the Shroedinger BBQ that evening as well.

Hmm.. must also chase up the insurance people about my bike - I had another idea that if they don't want to pay out then I can still cancel my insurance from Nov 18th and get 500 quid back on unused insurance and not claim (thereby not raising my insurance for having a theft claim on anyway)... another option I suppose.

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