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So tired.

kissycat1000 fell asleep downstairs last night, after I went to bed early - I was falling asleep downstairs myself! I woke up at stupid o'clock. kissycat1000 came back up shortly afterwards complaining that a mousie woke her by rustling in the waste-paper bin. Didn't really get proper sleep after that, then the kids had to be got up.

The rats (these are particularly thick rats) have taken to running in the wheel in their cage. All fine and good, except the damn thing squeaks. So I put a little olive oil on the metal axle. Aaah, silent. However, I seem to have completely confused the rats - the coefficient of friction is now noticably less, and their usual trick of standing up in the wheel now causes it to swing from side to side as they overcorrect for the swinging - I was nearly in tears with laughter this morning! Poor, daft rats!

Thank god it's Friday.

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