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A welcome surprise ;)

Friday was dull at work. Very dull. So Ric and I decided to go out to a new pub that he heard of for a bit of excitement. It was the White Hart in Little Severton I think. A very traditional olde english pub - proper food with crusty bread and ale.. told kissycat1000 about it all when I got back and this was her response..

In the evening Ric came round to get some stuff from my FTP site and dylan was supposed to be coming round... then Jon said there was some sort of gathering so I sped dylan up and we got to the pub, had a drink and then went for an Indian. Good laugh - I got a bit drunk as I'd already had 2 pints before I went out, but nothing I couldn't handle.

Got back, chatted to kissycat1000 on the phone while I was a bit pissed, got wound up HORRIBLY!!, watched Wallace and Gromit and the start of Taxi 2 and passed out... urgh... woke up at 7am still in my clothes with the door still open.

Got chatting to kissycat1000 again and unexpectedly got invited to a friend of her's engagement party! Woohoo! So I SHALL go to the ball *grin*. I wasn't expecting to see her this weekend. Oh shame.. noone had any floor space :( Oh shame.. just HAD to book a travel inn.. oh SHAME! Bimbled around town with Burney, Jon and Kt, got back, shaved, packed and left.

The party started in a pub.. it was quite cool meeting new people.. got chatted up by some mad 40ish biker chick who seemed to insist on telling me she'd left her 13 year old daughter at home and that she was off sex, that she was a widower and hadn't found any man that she wanted (yet, she added).. then I spotted kissycat1000 had arrived, and at a convenient break in the conversation wondered over to greet her.. Darren, one of the cool people I had met (who actually went to school with kissycat1000!) came over after some more while and chatted.. then the biker chick came up and said "oh she's younger and prettier than I am.. I don't blame you!" Aaaw.. I felt so rotten. I couldn't think what to say to make it seem better.. I'll have to work on that and how to deal with meeting people when kissycat1000's around *grin*. Ah well.

Later on I got dragged away by a friend of the mad biker chick's to look for her.. erm... did a quick tour and then came back to play pool. Apparently there were a few ructions breaking out in the work colleagues Louise had invited so kissycat1000 and I decided to skip the club and go back to our awaiting comfortable room.. however it was a fairly long and wet walk back into town because the taxis were all booked up.

Got back, got SOME sleep ;), had some breakfast and another *ahem* distracting tour of her work and came home. Was supposed to be getting on with modifying my computer but haven't really got around to it yet. Dunno if I will or just plan it for next time...

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