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Off work again :/

I think I overdid it at rillaith's very successful and enjoyable games weekend and didn't manage to get enough good quality sleep and today I have the beginnings of tonsilitus. I was able to get an appointment pretty much first thing so I've got some antibiotics and hopefully it won't have time to develop and I'll be back at work tomorrow. Still, more ammunition for my ENT appointment in a couple of weeks' time.

beeby (my mother) called up to find out more about what's been going on as she'd read some of my recent happenings in kissycat1000's journal - yes I should really update more. Hi mum! *waves*

We attended Jordan's review meeting which was good and we were able to give some feedback and hopefully encourage his obvious musical talents.

After lunch with kissycat1000 we played Bust-A-Move 2, and when the scores were 7-10 to her I declared we should play to 15. We got to 14 games apiece and the tie-breaker was nail biting. We were both making mistakes but she was the first to go down, leaving me the victor! *gloat*

emilydongray, now I've got my camera back I've got that photo of you which has come out really well - is it OK to post that in my journal?
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