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So I get a permanent account. I now appear to have lost any desire to post stuff, or even (re)upload my icons.


I blame the hot weather and consequent lack of sleep, plus my new game. Oh, and being woken up by the loudest peal of thunder at 5:30am didn't help either. Grump.

Oh, one thing I did want to comment on was the new tags system. It's tantalisingly close to a request I made aeons ago, but not quite there - there is no way to filter your friends list based on the tags, made more difficult by the fact that people define their own tags - there are no global tags for things which would make searching/filtering easier.

However, it does allow me to look at the tags on someone's longer entry (if they've bothered to use them) and get an idea for the content without having to skim it, so that's a plus :)
Tags: apathy, meta-lj

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